Advice for Accounting Newbies: Words of Wisdom for Future Staff 1’s

By Danielle Patton, former Marketing intern

Stepping into a brand new position in the accounting industry can be both exciting and intimidating. Even if you have acquired internships in the past, clocking in on your first official day as a Staff 1 will unlock access to a completely divergent domain full of new experiences and opportunities.

To prepare yourself, here is some inspirational advice from our very own Wiss team, sharing some pointers on how to make your Staff 1 experience as unique and beneficial as possible!

“Be open to new experiences, opportunities, and failure. Mistakes can be stepping-stones to future triumphs and life’s greatest lesson. Accept new challenges and laugh failure off. No one’s been successful without it.” Paul Peterson, Managing Partner

“Be proactive! Reach out to your team members before they reach out to you and ask if there is anything you can do before the job begins. Challenge yourself, read the work papers, and try to determine the answer to your own questions before immediately asking for assistance. I think this helps the staff grow because it forces them to have a better understanding of what they are doing and what their question actually is. Of course, don’t spend so much time to the point that you’re just spinning your wheels. Be sure to follow up until the job is done.” Chris Gati, Senior Audit

“Never be afraid to ask questions. It is better to be asking questions and get the answer right than to spend more time trying to figure it out and get it wrong. No one expects you to know absolutely everything, and your boss is there to help you when you need it. Be sure you actively listen to the answers, and ask follow-up questions so you avoid miscommunication.” Brittany Neal, Staff 2 Litigation

“Ask questions is number one – learning accounting in a classroom setting is much different than putting it into practice in the field. It’s really common to feel lost at times with information that you feel you should know, so be ready to mess up and ask questions, since nothing is ever perfect the first time. Additionally, feel better in knowing that there are several levels of the review process before the product is final. Also, ask why things are done. Understanding the process in which tasks are completed will only help to expand your knowledge and to be ready for what comes next. I would also encourage everyone to talk to people in their class, and get to know their fellow coworkers and clients. It is a group environment and it’s beneficial to build strong relationships. Lastly, embrace the culture, but don’t get too drunk at the holiday party – just a rule of thumb.” Connor Doyle, Senior Audit 

Danielle Patton is a Marketing Intern at Wiss & Company, LLP. If you would like to contact Danielle, you may reach her at or at 973.994.9400.

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