12 Days of Self-Care – Day 2: Michael Suserman

December 3, 2018


If the question what do I do for self-care was asked to me two years ago, my answer would instantly be: sports, sports, and sports.  Playing sports, watching sports, and talking about sports has always taken my mind off everything and has helped me find a peace of mind as this is mostly all I did growing up.  But two years later, if you asked me the same question, the number one factor in my self-care is someone who means everything to me in my life, my nephew, Justin.

I never knew that being an Uncle would be so rewarding and fulfilling. Whenever I am around Justin, there is no care in the world about anything, except for him.  I am lucky to see him all the time.  We play everything imaginable that a two-year old could play, and the part that warms my heart the most is when he laughs while we play. When he is not around, and I am stressed out or in a bad place, I close my eyes, picture him, and hear his laughter.

Family is everything and I am blessed to have both my parents, sister, brother-in-law, nephew, and three grandparents.  Work has stressful times, but if you can find something to think of that makes you happy, you can reduce your stress and anxiety level to a bare minimum.  My life has been forever changed by Justin, and I cannot wait to be by his side, support him in everything he does, and watch him grow up.




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