Jeffrey Shear

Managing Director, Advisory

As Managing Director of Technology Advisory at Wiss, Jeff helps our clients realize their business goals by helping them establish a technology strategy using his experience as a CIO and CTO. Jeff has over 30 years of experience running technology organizations both big and small in established and startup companies. He has extensive experience in business process reviews, system design, project management, system selection and implementation, data strategy and analytics and proprietary software development that he applies to solutions to meet the needs of our clients.

Throughout his career Jeff has worked as a consultant helping many companies in a variety of industries understand how technology can support product and business goals and to select and build that technology. Jeff has also built three successful startup companies and has been the driving force in the development of the products and technology to allow for successful growth and exits.

Jeff collaborates closely with the other members of the Advisory Practice team to offer business process, data analytics, and technology services to clients. Jeff works in conjunction with decision-makers to enable their business objectives, products, and services. He prides himself in providing comprehensive assessments of the unique needs of each client and provides strategic solutions that enhance the operations of the company both immediately and for the long term.


BS – Chemistry
SUNY – Binghamton, NY


In his career, Jeff has built and successfully sold three startup companies that built technology around the protection of digital intellectual property. He holds a patent “System and method for online content licensing and distribution” which describes how to use technology to search, license and securely distribute digital content.

Most recently he contributed to an article and to building an accompanying website (Anti PD-(L)1 Immuno Therapy and Diagnostic Testing) to improve the diagnosis and treatment options for breat and other cancers “The tale of TILs in breast cancer: A report from The International Immuno-Oncology Biomarker Working Group”.

Beyond Wiss

Outside of WISS Jeff loves spending time with his family and sharing ideas with his three adult children as they persue their own paths. He loves sports both watching and playing and works at keeping fit through exercise. Jeff loves to travel and has been to many countries and looks forward exploring the world.

Fun Facts

What is the best professional advice someone ever gave you and you still live by?

Visualize the end point and the steps to get there will fall into place.

How did you get your foot in the door?

While taking computer science classes a professor introduced me to a VP at Chase Manhattan Bank who hired me as a consultant which in turn kicked off my consulting career.