Compassion During COVID: How Wiss Core Values Made a Difference

February 14, 2022


Advocate, Impact, Care and Collaborate. These are the “four core ways” here at Wiss. These words are lived through everything we do within the walls of the office and beyond. They are how we define the culture of Wiss with our clients and our coworkers.

I started my journey at Wiss in April of this past year and have seen these four core ways in action consistently. It is evident that Wiss has a unique culture that transcends the typical workplace. It is ingrained in the people here and has become a part of how everyone at Wiss acts even out of the 9 to 5. The biggest of the four I have seen in action recently is care.

As the COVID-19 pandemic was starting another surge with the Omicron variant, I was one of the unlucky victims that found myself in quarantine for Christmas. I just moved away from home this past June, so this Christmas was already going to be different for me. But, finding out I wouldn’t be able to see my little brothers open all their gifts from Santa hit a little bit harder. I was devastated, confused, and upset. Fast forward, my boyfriend and I had a wonderful holiday in our cozy home and now get to celebrate Christmas part 2 with our families a week later than usual, so it all worked out in the end.

Looking back at my quarantine, the care people showed me is something that will stick with me forever. It is in times of need or hardship that you see the true colors of those around you. And my team showed me theirs. Each day of my quarantine, more than one person sent me a text checking in on me. They constantly asked how I felt, what I needed, and making sure I was going to be alright for Christmas day. I will admit, some days of quarantine were rough, feeling super sick and super tired. But, knowing there were people around me who thought of me each day made it better. Christmas day came and I even had a gift on my doorstep. The care and generosity of those within my team showed me that this isn’t just a workplace, but a family.

I cannot thank those who checked in on me enough and explain how even one small act of kindness can brighten someone’s day. It is a joy to work at a place that not only cares about your professional growth, but your personal needs as well. The four core ways are truly part of everything at Wiss, even down to the ways we treat our coworkers on our days off.


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