Wiss Welcomes Neidich & Co.

We are excited to announce that Neidich and Company has joined Wiss, effective January 1, 2022. Neidich is based in Mountainside NJ, where its office will continue to remain open.  

Neidich is a leading accounting firm in NJ serving privately owned real estate companies.

Founded in the 1950s by Sid Neidich, the firm is currently led by Charles Tarlowe who became Managing Partner in 2021 after the passing of his partner, Michael Beck.

Like Wiss, Neidich prioritizes meaningful relationships and is held in high regard by their clients.

The KRE Group (Kushner Family) and Garden Homes (Wilf Family) are their biggest clients and have been with Neidich since the beginning.

“The Kushner family has been clients of Neidich since the 1950s when my father started business. I attribute much of our success to the sage advice and guidance of Mike and his team. Although I’m delighted that Wiss is picking up where Mike left off, I miss Mike every day,” says Mr. Murray Kushner, founder of the KRE Group.

Mr. Zygi Wilf and Mr. Lenny Wilf, owners of Garden Homes, have worked closely with Mr. Tarlowe for almost 40 years. “Charlie knew our business extremely well and consistently answered our questions instantly” Zygi noted. Lenny Wilf also noted “the Neidich team, led by Charlie, ensured our company’s and family’s tax and accounting needs were handled professionally and efficiently”. The Wilf family is looking forward to expanding their relationship with Wiss, which originated in the 1960s.

This is a natural fit for Wiss as we’ve been working together with Neidich for over 40 years due to overlap in our client base.  We look forward to developing deeper relationships with Neidich’s clients while offering them expanded services that today’s real estate families need.

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