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Audit Threshold Increased for NJ Nonprofits

By Eitan Balloul, Tax Manager, Not-for-Profit Many Exempt Organizations incur significant expenses associated with the requirement of providing audited financial statements on an annual basis. That expense could be diverted and used to further the charitable mission of the organization. The burden of that expense may be relieved by increasing the threshold at which organizations must file audited financial statements and excluding certain non-monetary in-kind contributions...

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Updated Reporting Requirements for NY Tax-Exempt Organizations

By Eitan Balloul, Tax Manager, Not-for-Profit In November of 2021, Governor Kathy Hochul of New York signed bill A1141A/S4817A to repeal NY Executive § Law 172-b. This law required certain exempt organizations who were registered with the New York State Attorney General (Department of Law) to submit an additional filing with the New York Department of State. Executive § Law 172-b became effective on January 1, 2021, and to many Exempt Organizations, it meant the burden...

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Private Foundation or Donor-Advised Fund: The Ultimate Dilemma

By Eitan Balloul, Tax Manager, Not-for-Profit Private foundations and Donor-Advised Funds are both vehicles to engage in philanthropic activities. Understanding the differences between the two is critical in determining which is more appropriate for your unique circumstances. Whether you prefer the greater control afforded by a private foundation or confidentiality and fewer restrictions of a DAF, each has its proper use. A Private Foundation is an exempt organization,...

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Exempt Organizations and Sales Tax

By Eitan Balloul, CPA, Tax Manager – Exempt Organizations & Fred Komarow, Tax Manager- SALT Many Tax-Exempt organizations are required to pay or to collect sales tax on certain transactions. Sales tax is governed and applied at the state and local level, which means that each state has its own rules and compliance requirements that will apply to an organization operating within a particular jurisdiction. Collecting and reporting sales tax is a requirement when selling tangible...

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New Reporting Requirements for NY Tax-Exempt Organizations

By Eitan Balloul, Tax Manager, Not-for-Profit Effective January 1, 2021, many Exempt organizations that file Form NY CHAR500 with the Attorney General must file the same information with the New York Department of State (“DOS”).  There are 3 different potential reports for filing with the Department of State:  1. Annual Financial Disclosure Reports – Under Executive Law Section 172-b (1), (2) & (9)  Charitable organizations that receive more than $250,000 in gross...

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