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The Whole U Video Series

Want a workplace that’s more collaborative and consistently productive? Employees who feel present, calm, and focused at work and at home, seven days a week? Welcome to Dr. Nick’s class. Here’s your video series syllabus. 


The Whole U Video Series : Introduction with Paul Peterson

Paul Peterson, Managing Partner, Wiss, presents a very personal and heartfelt introduction to the Whole U. video series featuring Dr. Nick Molinaro. Paul shares specific moments that profoundly shaped his upbringing and why he is so passionate about organizations opening up about mental health and the benefits to individual and organizational performance.

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Dr. Nick Molinaro

Executive Coach, Psychologist, Performance Specialist
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For over 35 years, Clinical Psychologist Dr. Nick Molinaro has been helping individuals reduce stress, increase happiness, and maximize potential – especially among top performers. In addition to his normal practice, he’s an expert in optimal performance under pressure. His client list includes Olympic athletes, Fortune 500 executives, athletes in every major professional sport, and folks like you and me.
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Paul Peterson

Wiss, Managing Partner
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Paul Peterson is a Managing Partner. In his role, he leads the Firm’s long term strategy and helps cultivate an environment where our people can flourish in servicing our clients. He has extensive experience providing accounting, auditing and tax services to a variety of businesses and advising clients on growth, personnel, strategy, succession planning, financing and organizational structure.
Segment 1

Beginning Our Journey: Mental Wellness Awareness

Episode 1

Introduction to Dr. Nick

Dr. Nick Molinaro provides a personal account of why he has dedicated his life’s work to mental wellness.

Episode 2

Why Leaders Should Care About Mental Health

Mental wellness is responsible for performance in all areas of life.  If there is a disfunction in the regulation of emotions and cognitions, then performance suffers. Studies show that depressed employees miss upwards of 27 days of work annually.  Dr. Nick provides an important distinction between mental illness and mental wellness.

Episode 3

Setting the Stage for Optimizing Human Potential

Dr. Nick Explains how reaching optimal human performance requires a blend and balance of mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing and describes how the interplay between the brain and mind have profound health and performance implications. 

Episode 4

Creating an environment of belonging

Dr. Nick describes how organizations can bring out the best in people by building an environment and culture of belonging.  This begins with education and openness about mental wellbeing.  He also explains how the concept of neurolinguistic programming applies to the words ‘Mental Wellness,’ and can trigger an unconscious,  negative connotation towards mental illness.

Segment 2

Perspectives On Purpose

Episode 1

Our Innate Driver

Dr. Nick explains how we are all innately driven by purpose.  When our activities and actions align with a sense of purpose, we are most motivated and fulfilled.  If a job or task is viewed in a negative light or if a company mission does not align with our sense of purpose, our mental state can become negatively impacted.  Thus, our motivation and productivity will likely wane as behaviors follow beliefs.

Episode 2

How Do We Find Meaning?

Dr. Nick addresses this profound and complicated question by bringing it back to individual learning and development.  Meaning is shaped by a combination of factors, including: predispositions, learned experiences, curiosity and open mindedness. The determination of where we each find meaning is based on how we cultivate these factors.  Paul adds an interesting personal observation about how perhaps we can all find meaning through the process of trying to become our very best self. 

Episode 3

How Can We Best Overcome Adversity?

Dr. Nick uses the study of phenomenology to explain how we each internalize the world differently and, especially in times of crisis and stress, some are able to more quickly make a shift in perspective or even galvanize others around purpose. He goes on to explain how choices in thought and behavior are influenced by the notions of Trust, Hope and Faith. 

Episode 4

The Power of Choice

Paul recollects the life-changing account of holocaust survivor Victor Frankl as written in Man’s Search For Meaning. By focusing on love, hope, and inner freedom, Dr. Frankl mustered the courage and strength to overcome the most inhumane of circumstances.  Dr. Nick summarizes how when life presents adversity, we will likely realize our true inner beliefs and perhaps the inner strength to make courageous decisions. 

Segment 3

Building Self Reliance in Children

Episode 1

Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance

Dr. Nick describes the work of Dr. Angela Duckworth and the process of developing Grit, the ability to persevere and successfully overcome life’s obstacles.  Dr. Nick and Paul discuss the increase in anxiety and depression amongst young adults, and why parents have done a disservice by treating adolescents like “junior adults”.  Dr. Nick explains that bypassing the process of developing emotional regulation and self-reliance coping skills leads to higher levels of anxiety and depression amongst young adults. 

Episode 2

Effective Strategies for Emotional Regulation

Dr. Nick explains how the road to self-reliance begins with strengthening ones internal locus of control.  Dr. Nick suggests that parents should encourage children to undertake and finish tasks that present challenges, and not overwhelm them with praise when they do.  This will instill curiosity and tenacity which are essential building blocks to self-reliance.  It will also begin to shift their emotional compass to more internal, purpose-based motivations rather than transitory external ones. 

Segment 4

Managing Anxiety

Episode 1

Empathizing With Anxiety

Dr. Nick describes the medical definitions and differences between stress and anxiety including the six different types of Anxiety.  Matt Barbieri joins the discussion, opening up about his personal and debilitating bout with anxiety and his journey to understanding the physiology impact of anxiety and how he coped with it in the work environment.   Dr. Nick, Paul and Matt go deeply into discussing the dynamics of anxiety in the workplace and how leaders might address the situation.

Episode 2

Reaching out to Friends and Family

Dr. Nick instructs how people can empathetically engage with friends and family suffering from anxiety. The first key is to not give immediate advice but rather give support. Support begins with demonstrating a true understanding and being authentic. Matt Barbieri recounts how gratifying it was to disclose with family. He also shares how he started to come out of his anxiety and how he avoided sharing with friends until he felt better.

Episode 3

Pathway to Treatment

Matt Barbieri opens up about the paths he took to undergo treatment and recounts his various experiences throughout the process. Dr. Nick explains the physiological effects of anxiety and depression on the body and explains the chemical interactions of prescribed medications. Matt and Dr. Nick also discuss how ongoing therapy with a mental health professional supports modification of thoughts and beliefs which has been shown to have a significant impact on outcome.

Episode 4

Fostering a Whole U. Work Environment

Dr. Nick suggests that Leaders should ideally include mental wellness education in their overall wellness program and provide an outlet for mental wellness coaching to help people better perform under the pressures and demands of work and life. Dr. Nick concludes with a strong point that there be great gain through pain.

Q&A: Strategies for Dealing with Work from Home Stress

We welcome all clients, business owners, extended employees and families to view and share this important discussion. We hope it helps you better cope with today’s stresses and anxieties.

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