Q&A: Top Strategies for Dealing with Work from Home Stress

From the stresses of suddenly working remotely to schooling children at home, almost all of us are heading into uncharted territory with this global pandemic and financial crisis.

Wiss was delighted to join Dr. Nick for a candid Q&A to discuss how we can more successfully overcome stress during these trying times – with a special focus on working from home.

We welcome all clients, business owners, extended employees and families to view and share this important discussion. We hope it helps you better cope with today’s stresses and anxieties.  #alonetogether


About Dr. Nick Molinaro


For over 35 years, Clinical Psychologist Dr. Nick Molinaro has been helping individuals reduce stress, increase happiness, and maximize potential – especially among top performers. In addition to his normal practice, he’s an expert in optimal performance under pressure. His client list includes Olympic athletes, Fortune 500 executives, athletes in every major professional sport, and folks like you and me.

About Paul Peterson


Paul Peterson is a Managing Partner. In his role, he leads the Firm’s long term strategy and helps cultivate an environment where our people can flourish in servicing our clients. He has extensive experience providing accounting, auditing and tax services to a variety of businesses and advising clients on growth, personnel, strategy, succession planning, financing and organizational structure.

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