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To comply with state and federal legislation and workplace agreements, you need thorough and effective termination procedures that include resignation, retirement and termination policies. By having proper termination procedures in place, you can help minimize the risk of liability and in turn, avoid costly legal issues. At Wiss, our experienced team offers NY and NJ businesses a full range of HR advisory services, including reviews of termination procedures. To learn more about our HR advisory reviews, contact us today.

Review Your Termination Procedures

No matter your reasons for terminating an employee, you need to follow the proper termination procedures to help prevent employment-related lawsuits due to unjust discharge claims. Effective termination procedures lay the groundwork for future disciplinary actions and firings. These steps include recording the problem, enforcing rules and procedures as outlined in an employee handbook or contract and investigating the final incident meticulously.

Whether or not you have dedicated HR advisors on your staff, the HR consultants at Wiss can review your termination procedures to ensure compliance with state and federal employment regulations, as well as indentify areas where specific procedures could help limit your company’s liability in the event of an employee termination.

Discuss Your Termination Procedures with a Wiss Professional

From specified disciplinary actions to notices of termination, your company’s termination procedures can help mitigate expensive legal issues relating to the termination of an employee. Receive a thorough evaluation of your termination procedures with an HR process review from Wiss. Discuss your unique business needs with a Wiss professional today.

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