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Find out what programs are most relevant to you and your business needs.

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We will work closely with you and your organization to determine what programs are most relevant to you and your business needs and customize a plan that will provide maximum savings.

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Service Offerings

Economic Incentive Consulting Services

  • Grants
    • GrowNJ Assistance Program
    • NJ Urban Enterprise Zone
    • Manufacturing Assistance Program (MAP)
    • New York City Business Solutions Training Funds
    • Relocation & Employment Assistance Program (REAP)
    • NJ Edison Innovation Fun
  • Real Estate Abatements
    • NJ Economic Redevelopment and Growth (ERG) Program
    • Industrial & Commercial Abatement Program (ICAP)
    • New York City Green Roof Tax Abatement
    • New York City Solar Property Tax Abatement
  • Energy Programs
    • Business Incentive Rate (BIR)
    • Energy Cost Savings Program (ECSP)


  • Tax Credits & Incentives
    • Energy Efficient Commercial Buildings Tax Deduction
    • New York City Industrial Business Zones (IBZ)
    • New York City Industrial Development Agency Commercial Tax Incentives
    • New York City Industrial Development Agency Industrial Incentive Program (IIP)
    • New York State Empire Zones Program
    • New York State Excelsior Program
    • Qualified Emerging Technology Company Tax Credits (QETC)
    • Work Opportunity Tax Credit
    • NJ Angel Investor Tax Credit
  • Financing
    • CRC/NIMBLE Small Issuance Bond Program
    • Linked Deposit Program
    • Metropolitan Economic Revitalization Fund
    • New Market Tax Credit
    • New York City Industrial Development Agency Tax Exempt Bond Financing
    • Small Business Administration 504 Loan

Cost Segregation

  • Federal income tax tool that increases your near term cash flow, in the form of a deferral, by utilizing shorter recovery periods to accelerate the return on capital from your investment in property
  • The study properly carves out certain qualifying portions of your building, which would normally be buried in 39- or 27.5-year categories, into five, seven, and 15-year lives

“As I’ve gotten older, my financial affairs — both business and personal — have grown increasingly complex. Wiss has proven to be an invaluable resource. Their guidance, depth of knowledge, experience, and careful attention to detail provide a sense of security in a rapidly changing world.”

Steven Wils
CEO, Harry Wils & Co. 

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