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At Wiss, we are passionate about the middle market. Our entire team is dedicated to offering founder, family-owned, and growth companies the same talent, expertise, and respect that large multinational corporations routinely receive from their advisors.

We understand that each client’s business represents the life’s work of the owner, and that executing a key strategic decision such as a merger, acquisition, or divestiture can be one of the most important moments in a company’s lifecycle.

Wiss delivers the critical elements companies need when facing pivotal moments: in-depth experience, a commitment to excellence, and extensive knowledge of corporate finance. Our team works closely with owners and executives of client businesses to develop innovative solutions to attain their strategic objectives.

If your company is facing a pivotal moment, please contact us. We want to understand your unique business model, competitive environment, long-term goals, and aspirations. Because we recognize that no two companies are alike, we can develop tailored solutions to meet your needs. 

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