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State & Local Tax

If your company operates in multiple counties or states, tax compliance can be challenging. Our experienced tax professionals stay up-to-date on changing state and local tax issues to help you efficiently minimize your tax obligations and avoid the risk of penalties.


Our state and local tax services include:

  • Sales and Use Tax
  • Corporate Income and Franchise Tax
  • Nexus Studies and Planning
  • Voluntary Disclosures
  • Tax Controversy and Audit Defense
  • Apportionment Factor Planning
  • Unclaimed Property Consulting
  • Enterprise Zones and Incentive Credits
  • Personal Income Taxes
  • Change of Residence Planning 

“As I’ve gotten older, my financial affairs — both business and personal — have grown increasingly complex.  Wiss has proven to be an invaluable resource. Their guidance, depth of knowledge, experience, and careful attention to detail provide a sense of security in a rapidly changing world.”

Steven Wils – Business Owner

“Having a service provided like Wiss that we can rely on for not just good tax advice but also to connect us with other services providers that understand our business sector is very important to us so we as a company can focus on our clients.”

Arif R. Malick, P.E.  – Malick & Scherer

How can our State & Local Tax team help you today?

Karin Ecroyd

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