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Risk Management
and Asset Protection

Risk Management and Asset Protection

We are here to help put an Asset Protection plan in place.

Lawsuits, accidents and other unexpected financial risks may be unavoidable, but the impact of these events to your business, accumulated wealth and overall estate can be greatly mitigated with advanced planning and professional guidance. 

Our coordinated Personal Protection Review process is designed to help reduce exposure to risks without compromising your estate and financial planning goals.

Personal Protection Review:
Estate Planning Review
  • Review Wills, Powers of Attorney and Health Care Proxies (foundation documents needed by everyone and their loved ones)
  • Estate, Gift and Generation Skipping Transfer Tax planning strategies through Trust Planning (maximize wealth transfer to future generations)
  • Asset Protection/Preservation strategies including, without limitation, Hybrid Domestic Asset Protection Trusts
  • Equalize non active child in a family owned business (maintain family harmony by treating children as equal as possible)
  • Provide liquidity to pay estate taxes and prevent fire sale of business
Business Planning Review
  • Buy/Sell Planning (for businesses with more than one owner, mapping out buyout triggers to protect the business, business owners and their families from unexpected life events such as death, disability, lawsuit)
  • Funding mechanisms for Buy/Sell planning (transfer risk to monetize the value of your business)
  • Incentivize Key Employees through the use of Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation Plans, Executive Bonus Plans and Phantom Stock Plans to avoid minority shareholder disputes
  • KeyPerson Planning to provide an injection of capital to business to hire replacements and keep company afloat if a key employee dies or becomes disabled

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