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Financial Sponsor Advisory

Efficient use of capital to gain knowledge or experience specific to a portfolio company.

Private equity firms do not always have the internal resources to manage portfolio companies efficiently and effectively. Wiss professionals have extensive experience across many sectors. We have an intimate understanding of the financial and operational nuances of various types of companies: manufacturing, services, distribution, healthcare, food & beverage, media, and technology.  

Wiss can provide the “boots on the ground” you need at your portfolio company. We can help you gain confidence in the information you are receiving and a get a better understanding of the issues facing your portfolio company. Wiss can perform an operational and financial review and make specific recommendations for reporting or structural improvements.  

Our Financial Sponsors Advisory Services Include:

General Advisory

  • Portfolio company monitoring
  • Interim and emergency financial management
  • Site visits/field exams
  • Operations and financial review of portfolio companies
  • Human Resources advisory 

Transaction Advisory

  • Sale advisory
  • Acquisitions advisory
  • Capital formation

Strategic Advice

  • Strategic investments
  • Strategic alternatives
  • Capital structure advice
  • Post-merger integration

Due Diligence

  • Investment review
  • Quality of earnings review


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