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Due Diligence Advisory Services

Providing assurance to buyers and sellers

Proper due diligence is critical to most successful business transactions. Wiss has a team of dedicated and experienced professionals who deliver high quality, value-added due diligence services across a wide variety of industries. Our team includes professionals with backgrounds in accounting, private equity, investment banking, commercial lending, restructuring, tax, human resources, technology, and private industry.

We are committed to meeting your business needs efficiently, responsively, and successfully. Our approach is to identify issues early in the process and to communicate our findings throughout the engagement – not just in the final report. Accordingly, we notify our clients of any major issues immediately so that these issues may be addressed as quickly as possible. We are also equipped with tax and forensic accounting resources that aid our ability to respond quickly to requests, whether domestic or international.

In our approach to due diligence (financial and operational), we analyze every aspect of a target’s business, including:

  • Financial statements
  • Quality of historical earnings
  • Balance sheet exposures, including quality of assets
  • Key risks and weaknesses of the target’s operations and technology
  • Working capital requirements
  • Appropriateness of accounting policies
  • Separation and stand-alone costs as they relate to carve-outs and roll-ups
  • Post-acquisition accounting
  • Tax structure options
  • Operating systems
  • Working papers

Mergers and Acquisitions, Buy-Side

We assist acquirers in their due diligence of target entities. Our involvement typically begins during the earliest stages of a transaction, as our findings may have a significant effect on valuation and the timing of a transaction’s close.

Mergers and Acquisitions, Sell-Side

We assist selling companies who seek an independent analysis of the offers they are considering. Our work includes analyzing the transaction structure and terms as well as the buying company itself. Our team is thoroughly experienced with deal structure and the risks of certain non-cash terms. 

Portfolio Management

We assist private equity firms, venture capitalists, and lenders by providing our post-transaction due diligence of portfolio companies, which proves to be an attractive and cost-effective method of managing portfolios of companies. In this way, private equity firms and other portfolio managers can concentrate on their core business and leave the “checkups” to Wiss, as we rapidly and accurately assess and report the key risks and issues of these companies.

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