Business Process Review and Process Improvement

There are improvement opportunities in every company. Opportunities for processes to be shortened, technologies upgraded and pain points addressed and rerouted. When we conduct a business process review, we start by assessing, analyzing and preparing recommendations.

Our Edge

Our team provides an objective assessment of your business processes’ strengths and weaknesses and provides strategies for business process optimization so that you can focus on growing your business.

We notice when processes aren’t automated or are conducted with obsolete technology tools. We study the ratio of salaries to revenue. We examine revenue by location and ask questions such as: why is location A outperforming Location B? How are accounts reconciled? What does the monthly close look like and why?

Do your business processes support your short-, medium-, and long-term goals?

Service Offerings

Organizational Assessment

  • Pre-Interview Surveys
  • Observational Tours
  • In-Depth One-on-One Interviews
  • Study existing workflow, software use and vendor relationships

Recommendation Report

  • Detailed report and presentation to leadership
  • Suggested next steps along with forecasted results

Process Analysis

  • Assess shortcomings, redundancy and waste
  • Create workflow charts for optimal efficiency and productivity
  • Recommend tech tools

“Wiss has provided these services with exceptional acumen in a timely and professional manner.  Their services have supported New York Geomatics in expanding our markets and recognizing an increase in growth.  Their professionalism, guidance, and support have made it a pleasure to work with them. I consider them to be part of our financial team. ”

Sean Fitzpatrick
Vice President, New York Geomatics

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