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Accounting and Auditing Services in New Jersey

When you’re looking for accounting and auditing services in New Jersey, there’s only one company you can trust. Local companies of all sizes have trusted Wiss for financial services since 1969.

Type of Service Needed

Wiss works with you side-by-side to determine the proper level of service you need based on the unique circumstances of your organization. Whether it’s an audit, review, compilation, special financial analysis, or forecast, the service you require will depend on many factors. Our professional team will clearly guide you through the myriad of considerations in making this decision. There are typical levels of accounting and auditing services offered by other companies, and then there are our services.


An audit is the highest level of financial statement service that an accounting firm can provide to its client. An audit from Wiss goes beyond the numbers to discover what the data reveals in order to guide you through current and future business challenges. Specialized teams are assembled to address the unique needs of different organizational types:


A review is often acceptable for lenders, investors, and management, and serves as a cost-effective means of obtaining a reliable snapshot of company performance. A Wiss review will include a deeper investigation of the numbers by applying benchmarking techniques or additional procedures to offer greater feedback on performance.


A compilation is an assembly of data in financial statement format. A compilation from Wiss examines the data in conjunction with business procedures to provide a more robust picture of our clients’ financial operations.

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