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Recordkeeping and Documentation

Systematically managing records can prove difficult for any business, even with electronic records systems. If you’re not in compliance with recordkeeping and documentation requirements, you could face hefty violations and penalties. Satisfy recordkeeping regulations at the state and federal levels with HR assessment services from Wiss & Company, LLP. Contact us today to learn more about these services.

Recordkeeping/Documentation Assessment Services from Wiss

At Wiss, we tailor our recordkeeping/documentation review to your business. Based on your industry, company size and other variables, we’ll assess your individual needs as they relate to your business and devise a custom plan to address your concerns. To streamline the assessment process, our experienced team will take advantage of technological solutions to present you with the right tools to make smart management decisions.

After the assessment, you’ll be able to rework your recordkeeping and documentation system to help make sure you’re compliant with local, state and federal laws, reducing the risk of potential liability. With an efficient recordkeeping system in place, you’ll have easy access to important documents that you may need in the event of a tax audit or lawsuit.

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As an employer in New York or New Jersey, you might be required to retain records as they pertain to applicant information, personnel records and information about a program’s operations. If you’re questioning whether or not your company complies with certain recordkeeping/documentation minimum requirements at the state and federal levels, it may be time for an HR assessment from the experts at Wiss. 

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