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Focus. Funding.
Accelerate both with Wiss Early Stage.

The Wiss Early Stage Investment Readiness Platform guides your daily, weekly, and monthly cadence,
calibrating your focus to help shape your financial and personal acumen and ultimately grow your business.  

The proprietary “Alerts” and “Service Inquiry” system informs you of important financial-based developments that may need immediate attention and allows you to instantly request information or insights from a Wiss or strategic partner representative related to literally any important facet of your business. It’s all there at your fingertips so you can maintain focus on the areas of your expertise.  

Wiss Early Stage Platform

Log in, make appointments, get investment strategy advice, find service providers, ask Wiss questions, access all of your numbers, and find out what’s in reach – all on one cloud-based, user-friendly program customized to support your startup’s specific strategy and milestones.

Client Dashboard

  • Integration of Quickbooks, Expensify and data
  • Real time reporting of Revenue, Expenses and Balance Sheet
  • Trend reports of Revenue and Expenses vs. Budget
  • Cash-flow forecast to project cash burn balance by month with ability to configure with customized investment, revenue and expense scenarios

Management Report

  • Designed to keep team on track and organize monthly reporting for investors and boards
  • Goals and results
  • Team activities and learnings
  • Financial Snapshot
  • Closed deals and customer pipeline with revenue estimates

Alert System

  • Over 25 preset activities based on financial activity
    • You may also create custom Alerts based on specific goals and needs
  • Alerts might indicate an impact on accounts payable or accounts receivable or qualification for a WEST partner service benefit
  • Alerts are prompted in the Dashboard
    • Your Accounting Manager will review these during monthly call

Service Inquiry

  • Enables instant access to select professionals who provide services outside the core WEST Platform Service offering
  • Includes Accounting, Banking/Debt, Equity Financing, Human Capital Management, Marketing, Software & Technology
  • The Inquiry is sent to the specified service professional who follow up with information or set up a call to discuss your needs

Dedicated Accountant (Monthly Services)

  • Meet with Client (in person or virtually)
  • Post bank transactions into the Accounting System
  • Reconcile bank and credit card accounts
  • Reconcile holding accounts (PayPal, Shopify, Clearbanc, Amazon, Stripe, etc.)
  • Inventory adjustments
  • Review and close books
  • Pay approved bills via
  • Export approved Expensify reports to the Accounting System
  • Monthly Client Review of Dashboard
  • Receive update on business activity
  • Financial information from the Accounting System
  • Monitor transactions
  • Notifications for tracking performance
  • Review triggers and service needs
  • Review tracking against milestones
  • Review of custom charts, cash runway calculator, management reports, and notes functions

Annual Services

  • File annual report for State
  • Prepare and e-file 1099 tax forms*
  • Year end review of corporate tax prep **
  • DE corporate tax filing Sales tax file quarterly

*Incremental fee per agreement
** Applicable if Wiss is engaged to prepare corporate return

Onboarding Services

  • Provide up to three (3) hours of historical clean-up, for current year
  • Review and customize Management Report, Department Report and Financial Charts
  • Review of current state and expectations for investment
  • Strategic session with senior executives: milestone mapping and go-to-market strategy
  • Review budgets based on milestones, and enter into accounting system
  • Assist company in enabling financial charts
  • Assist company in enabling management and department reports software and cadence
  • Advise on reporting and communication techniques with investors and employees
  • On-Boarding of accounting software, Chart of Accounts setup

Software Onboarding Includes:

Setting up company and team on software suite, including:

  • WEST Growth Technology Software
  • The “Accounting System”   (QuickBooks Online or Xero)
  • (automate AP/AR)
  • Expensify (expenses/reimbursements)
  • Carta* (cap table management)
  • Inventory System* (automation & integration)

* If applicable

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