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Open Enrollment

A term used to describe the period when employees may elect or change their benefit options available through an employer, open enrollment can be confusing and overwhelming for both businesses and their employees. Receive assistance this open enrollment season with human resources advisory services from Wiss. Call our HR advisory team today at 973-994-9400 to get started.

Advisory Services for Open Enrollment

Open enrollment is a period of time where your employees can choose from a variety of benefits, such as health, dental and life insurance, as well as supplementary and voluntary benefits. When open enrollment season rolls around, your HR administrators may need to explain benefit terms to employees and help employees choose benefit options suited to their personal situation. If your business is new or you don’t have a dedicated HR staff, you may find it difficult to thoroughly communicate workplace benefits with employees. This is where Wiss can help.

At Wiss, an HR advisor will learn about your business and your unique needs, and tailor a plan to address your issues. As part of our employee/benefit consulting services, we’ll provide assistance with your open enrollment period, helping you fine-tune policies and procedures and start the conversation with your current workforce.

Get HR Assistance This Open Enrollment Season

Open enrollment occurs once a year, and if you don’t have the right procedures in place, you may find it difficult to properly convey workplace benefits with your existing employees. The team of HR professionals at Wiss can help prepare your company for the open enrollment period by streamlining your processes. To learn more about our open enrollment advisory services, contact us today.

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