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The new employee onboarding process facilitates the integration of new hires with existing personnel, your company and its culture, while giving them the tools, information and training needed to become successful, productive members of the team – right from the onset. An efficient onboarding process is designed to provide a smooth transition from applicant to employee, and encourage employee retention, helping reduce the costs associated with hiring a new member of staff.

Bringing new employees up to speed can take a lot of time and effort, but with an efficient new employee onboarding process, you can prepare new hires for success and reduce turnover, saving on the cost of hiring a new employee. Whether your company is just starting out or your business has entered a transitional period, Wiss can review your onboarding process to analyze effectiveness and identify areas of improvement.

Using a systematic approach, we’ll show you where your onboarding process excels and where you could streamline procedures and communications to make the overall process more cost-effective. To learn more about our advisory services, contact us today.

Set Up an HR Process Review from Wiss

Through strategic application of onboarding procedures, your company can help new hires adjust to the social and performance factors of their job positions quickly and smoothly. Proactively manage your new employee onboarding process with an HR process review from Wiss. Contact our professional staff today to discuss your business’s HR needs.

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