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Wiss Advisory Services Managed Desktop Service

Computers are indispensable for businesses. Setting up an infrastructure involves more than simply buying laptops and handing them out to your staff.

If you’re facing the daunting task of hiring and installing an IT department, we have a better solution. Wiss Advisory Services provides a full suite of managed desktop services to handle every phase of creating, implementing and validating your company’s IT infrastructure.

Hardware Selection and Implementation

The proliferation of hardware makes it difficult to know where to begin. Which brand? Desktops or laptops? What size monitors? Computers and peripherals come with infinite combinations of features and specs. Too many is a waste, and too few seriously hampers productivity.

Wiss provides desktop services across a spectrum of industries, so we’re familiar with the particular requirements of each. We then fine-tune the hardware selection to accommodate the specific needs of your business.

Operating Systems

The operating system is the foundation of your computer network. Just as with a building, if there are any weaknesses or deficiencies, the whole structure can come tumbling down.

Hardware plays a major role in dictating the choice of operating system, but beyond that you need one that’s robust and easy to navigate with the flexibility to scale along with your business.

Desktop and Server Virtualization

Thanks to today’s sophisticated technology, people are no longer tethered to a physical office. Desktop virtualization is the process that makes this possible by storing data, files and other materials on a remote server, either cloud-based or in your own data center, for delivery to employees’ devices.

Server virtualization has a similar name but a separate purpose. A single server is partitioned into several smaller servers to maximize efficiency with a variety of different workloads.

Security Assessment

We’ve all heard the horror stories of data breaches resulting in the dissemination of sensitive information. Our Wiss Advisory Services team will perform an in-depth assessment of your system’s security to identify potential weaknesses and areas for improvement.

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