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Meet the Wiss Investment Readiness Platform –

A proprietary methodology and accompanying cloud-based platform powered by WEST Growth Tech (a subsidiary of Wiss) that readies entrepreneurs to embody and deliver exactly what investors demand. The Wiss Investment Readiness Platform is the nexus of high-level strategy and financial laser-focus, defined as follows:

Strategic Focus

  • Mapping your key activities to measurable milestones that will compel investors

  • Challenging your go-to-market strategy and providing resources to help get it right

  • Preparing you for the rigors of reporting to investors and a board (even before you have investors and a board!)

Financial Focus

  • Establishing financial clarity and discipline around achieving milestones and related goals

  • Aligning yourself with a WEST Dedicated Accounting Manager

  • Bringing real-time financial reporting to the forefront of operations and decisions

5 Proofs to grow by

A data-backed formula for securing funding, the Wiss Investment Readiness Platform is built to ensure you deliver upon 5 proofs shown to differentiate successful entrepreneurs from the masses:

1 Progressive Milestones

Mapping your key activities to measurable milestones that will compel investors.

2 Product-Market Fit

This is the process of exploring, testing, and ultimately confirming that there’s an audience for your product or service – an exact target. Investors want proof that you’ve ascertained a solid solution for a specific, defined, vetted market.

3 Business Model

Product-market fit informs the careful development of your exact business structure. It is essential to investors that your business model is well reasoned, scalable, and sustainable.

4 Proven Discipline

Demonstrated discipline is one of the most underrated attributes of successful entrepreneurs. Are you able to operate a business efficiently and conscientiously? Will you take care of others’ money? Spending exorbitantly on overhead or moving faster than resources allow take companies down – and investors’ money with it.

5 Financial Clarity

It’s the question that keeps investors awake at night: Are entrepreneurs clear on where their time, energy, and dollars are best dispersed? WEST challenges you to demonstrate a fiscally focused and responsive disposition to the numbers. Prove as much, and you are operating in the top 5% of founders seeking investment.

In just over 2 years of operating, Wiss Early Stage has supported the growth and direction of clients whom have raised over $500 Million Dollars in Venture Funding. 

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