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The Wiss Engineering Group is distinguished by our concentrated focus in the arena in which you do business, providing industry-specific services with industry-experienced professionals. Our practice represents the principal forces in the industry. We serve a broad base of well known and highly respected civil, industrial and mechanical engineers. By actively participating in all relevant trade associations, we also stay current with trends and regulatory changes that could affect your bottom-line results. The questions we ask are relevant, the business advice we offer is proactive and insightful.


Accounting and Assurance

  • Financial statement audits
  • Reviews
  • Compilations
  • Agreed-upon procedures
  • Overhead rate audits under FAR standards
  • Employee benefit plan audits

Tax Planning and Compliance

  • Identification of tax opportunities to take full advantage of tax credits or incentives
  • Research and development credit studies
  • Corporate, partnership and individual tax planning and compliance
  • Estate and tax planning to help build, maximize or transfer your wealth
  • Merger and acquisition structuring

Specialized Consultation

  • Evaluation of compliance and/or documentation under FAR
  • Business continuity strategies, including Employee Stock Ownership Plan implementation
  • Design of internal control, transaction processing and financial reporting systems
  • Contract claim preparation and presentation
  • Design of employee incentive and benefit plans
  • Performance benchmarking
  • Enhanced billing practices and other cash flow improvements
  • Capital financing needs and negotiations 


Wiss was invited to compete for our account based upon their industry experience and knowledge, above and beyond their ability to audit our books (i.e., capabilities in tax, FAR, international, advisory services).  They won our business due to their practical application of that knowledge, their willingness to listen and to patiently teach, the demonstrated value of their services, and a genuine feeling of care and concern for our well-being.

David Thornhill  |  AKF Group

Wiss has provided these services with exceptional acumen in a timely and professional manner.  Their services have supported New York Geomatics in expanding our markets and recognizing an increase in growth.  Their professionalism, guidance, and support have made it a pleasure to work with them. I consider them to be part of our financial team.

Sean Fitzpatrick, Vice President  |  New York Geomatics

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