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Form 5500 Preparation Services

Wiss provides the Form 5500 expertise needed to assist in managing and maintaining compliance in the annual filing of your Form 5500, including:

  • Proactive management of annual reporting
  • Timely Form 5500 preparation to meet filing requirement deadlines
  • IRS approved software for efficient and cost-effective filing

Who Must File a Form 5500?

Employers who offer health and benefit plans, as well as large employee welfare benefit plans, must file a Form 5500 annually. The Form 5500 must be accurate and submitted on time, as the information in a Form 5500 is subject to the Department of Labor (DOL), the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), and the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation.

If your company has a benefit plan that has more than one hundred participants on the first day of the plan year, your plan should be reviewed for Form 5500 filing requirements. Failing to file a Form 5500 for your business, if it is required, can result in large penalties and the need for an immediate response to become compliant in reporting. The deadline for filing it is seven months after the end of the plan year.