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Balasankar Rakkanchath

Balasankar Rakkanchath

Manager, Business Transformation

In his role as Business Transformation Manager at Wiss, Bala collaborates with stakeholders across various lines of business to optimize operational effectiveness, foster expansion, and achieve client success by revamping processes, implementing automation, and enhancing technology.

Bala’s professional journey has encompassed diverse roles within the realms of finance and the enhancement of business processes. Throughout this journey, his dedication to driving efficiency and fostering positive change has remained constant.

Bala started his career as a Corporate Reinsurance Accountant, where he dedicated approximately six years with AIG in roles with increasing responsibilities. In his recent positions with Citibank and Chubb, Bala played pivotal roles in supporting critical business objectives. This involved evaluating and enhancing operational frameworks, nurturing strategic alliances, and achieving cost savings through process optimization and automation of processes. He also accumulated significant experience in lean process analysis, digital transformation, and relationship management.

Over the course of his professional life, Bala collaborated with senior leaders and subject matter experts in various business domains to fulfill strategic objectives. He has consistently prioritized the alignment of business requirements while enhancing internal and external customer experience.


BS – Accounting
Rutgers University (2010)

MBA – Finance
Syracuse University (Exp. 2025)

Beyond Wiss

One of Bala’s greatest passions is traveling the world. Exploring new cultures, cuisines, and landscapes has always been a source of inspiration and growth for him. From his days of growing up and traveling across India to the time he spent traveling in Europe, each adventure adds a new layer to his worldview.

In addition to globetrotting, Bala finds solace and exhilaration on the basketball court. Playing basketball allows him to challenge myself physically and mentally, fostering teamwork and resilience. He’s a huge NY Knicks fan, and he tries attend and watch as many NY Giants games as he can.

However, amidst all his interests, nothing compares to quality time spent with his family. Whether it’s a simple weekend getaway or a cozy evening at home, he considers these moments priceless and enjoys creating memories to forever hold dear.