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Gaining a Higher Purpose Through Giving Back

Tax Assistant, Joanne Spencer, discusses the power of giving back to the community. In what ways do you give back? Joanne: Much of what I do to give back to the community comes from my own life experiences, as well as my being a member of Union Baptist Church in Montclair, NJ, where I serve on the church’s Ministerial Team. Giving needn’t be faith-based. In fact, for many people, their life experiences have had a great bearing on how they have responded to others’ needs within the...

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Doing Better and Being Better: An Interview with Christopher Cowan, Partner

Chris, you’re passionate about giving back to the community. Can you tell us more about that? We’re not here without the support of our communities. I believe we really have a moral obligation to give back. It’s an obligation of ours to leverage the voice and respect that we have within the community, to help those who are less fortunate than we are. I’ve always wanted to do better and be better. I give back whenever I can and try to encourage others to do the same. “I’ve always...

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