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Community Outreach

At Wiss, we believe in exceptional service, both inside and outside of the office. Our values live beyond our work. We’re committed to positively impacting lives by supporting all those who face an uphill battle, including the youth and underrepresented groups. Through our various community outreach programs and partnerships, we aim to propel people forward through education and opportunities that will help them realize their potential and maximize their performance.    Our long-standing...

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Wiss launches strategic partnership with non-profit Strong Girls United Foundation

Today marks the 50th anniversary of the passage of Title IX. The law, best known for its role in gender equity in athletics, was signed by President Nixon on June 23, 1972.  The law forbids discrimination based on sex in education, and despite its age remains a vital piece in the ongoing push for equality, extending to other forms of gender and sex discrimination. As a firm that works with companies at every stage of their growth to help them overcome challenges, we’ve developed...

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