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Construction Ahead: Opportunities and Challenges in 2022

CONSTRUCTION AHEAD: OPPORTUNITIES AND CHALLENGES IN 2022 The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (H.R. 3684) will inject approximately $3 trillion into upgrading and expanding U.S. infrastructure, presenting a long horizon of opportunity for the construction industry. But to what extent will ongoing supply chain disruption, labor shortages and competition for materials continue to pose challenges for developers and project owners? Investors, project owners and other stakeholders...

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Maintain Positivity When Giving Employees Negative Feedback

By Kimberly Bustamante In a classic psychology experiment, teachers were told that their students had taken an aptitude test from Harvard that would predict which students would be high achievers in coming years. The researchers did not put into place any special treatment or academic program for these students, they just told the teachers these children had been tested and found gifted. What the teachers didn’t realize is that these tests were actually fake. The “gifted”...

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