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Helping New Employees Feel Belonging in a Remote Work World

Questions & Wiss Answers: An interview with Amanda Dominguez, Director of People Operations With employees working from home, how can companies make sure new hires are really part the team? Even before the Covid-19 era, research showed that onboarding was one of the biggest challenges for organizations. The need to onboard remotely provides a chance to think about this important process in new ways, including ensuring that you’re putting the right emphasis on making sure new...

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HR Compliance Checklist

Regardless of a company’s size, it is important to make sure that its policies and practices comply with employment laws that exist at the Federal, State, and Local levels.  Doing so will help to minimize liability and risk. Below are some key areas that a company should pay close attention to. Hiring and Onboarding Have job descriptions and job postings been reviewed to ensure they are current and contain accurate information? If employment applications are used, are they compliant...

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4 Ways to Onboard Your Employees the Right Way

The onboarding process is your company’s first involved interaction with your new employees. Waiting until they walk in the door on the first day can be too late. An effective onboarding process begins from the moment your candidates accept the job. You’ll want to show them they made the right decision and be able to make the most of the new job from day one. Here are four ways to get their career journey at your company off to the best possible start. Begin early. Plan to connect...

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