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How Manhattan’s Commercial Rent Tax (CRT) Changes Might Benefit Your Bottom Line

If you rent commercial space for a company located in designated sections of Manhattan, you might soon qualify for significant tax relief. Your business could save thousands of dollars annually as a result of upcoming changes to New York City’s Commercial Rent Tax, or CRT. First, a little background. Manhattan’s CRT The CRT is currently paid by commercial tenants renting space below 96th Street and above Murray Street in Manhattan who pay at least $250,000 in annual rent. The effective...

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Manhattan taxpayers, be aware of the Commercial Rent Tax

By Kyle Pennacchia and Paul Ursich In New York City, the Commercial Rent Tax (CRT) is often overlooked, and many of those who miss it face penalites and interest for late or missed filings. Here’s a brief introduction to the tax, basic qualifications and links to more detailed information. Are you subject to the CRT? The CRT applies to Manhattan tenants who occupy or use property south of 96th Street for most trade, business, professional and commercial transactions. As with most...

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