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PPP Processing Delays – More Communication Required from SBA

By Travis Miskowitz, Manager CFO Advisory When the Small Business Administration rolled out the Paycheck Protection Program in 2020, there was an immediate need to stem the losses and financial difficulties that small business owners were facing due to the pandemic and government-mandated shutdown orders. The early days of PPP were fraught with processing issues, incomplete or inconsistent guidance, and a lack of reliable resources for small business owners to reference when applying...

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Are You Applying For the PPP in Good Faith? How to Document Your PPP Loan Application Decision

By Travis Miskowitz One important aspect of applying for a PPP loan is certifying in good faith that your loan request is necessary. The PPP application asks you whether “current economic uncertainty makes your loan request necessary to support your ongoing operations.” We have put together this list of considerations to help you assess in good faith and officially justify your need for this emergency funding. Read this today to ensure your business has made an informed decision...

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Documenting Expenses to Support PPP Loan Forgiveness

By Travis Miskowitz The Paycheck Protection Program allows loans of up to $10 million at 1% interest to employers with fewer than 500 workers. The purpose of the program is for employers to retain their employees; the loan amount is intended to cover two months of payroll and overhead. The government will forgive most or all of the loan if the company keeps its workers and does not cut wages. The maximum amount of the PPP loan that is eligible for forgiveness is equal to the amount...

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NYC Relief Available for Small Businesses

By Tricia Meola In an effort to help small businesses deal with the overwhelming impacts of COVID-19, New York City has launched the following two initiatives: NYC Employee Retention Grant Program Created to help companies retain employees as businesses face decreased revenue as a result of COVID-19 Eligible businesses will receive a grant covering up to 40% of their payroll for two months; maximum funding of $27,000 Eligibility requirements include: Must be located within the...

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Loan Modifications and Options

By Tricia Meola With the effects COVID-19 has created for the US, federal, state and local governments are working hard to respond to the growing public health threats – but what about the financial uncertainties? As unemployment rates rise and millions of Americans continue to file for unemployment benefits, many are faced with the inability to satisfy their mortgage obligations and are aware of their options. Know your mortgage The most important place to begin is to be acquainted...

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The Economic Injury Disaster Loan vs. The Paycheck Protection Program

By Travis Miskowitz On March 27th, 2020, President Trump signed into law the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, a stimulus bill that includes a loan program to keep small businesses afloat during mandated COVID-19-related closures.  The CARES Act includes a Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) which authorizes up to $349 billion of federally guaranteed loans to qualifying small businesses. This new loan program is based on the architecture of the SBA’s existing...

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Refinancing Student Loans: Is It Worth It?

By Rachel Kleiman A letter from a student loan refinancing company is placed on your desk. Have you wondered if refinancing is worth it or just a scam? Refinancing means taking on new debt with new terms in order to pay off older debt.  By refinancing, you can reduce monthly payments, secure a lower interest rate, and renegotiate the term of your loan.  Additionally, refinanced student debt is still student debt, meaning you will still receive a 1098-E for tax purposes.  Refinancing...

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Borrowing from Your 401(k): What to Know Before Making the Decision

By Cindy Sandomenico Borrowing money from your 401(k) account can be tempting. You know the money is there, and it’s yours, so why not use it? Before you pull the trigger, however, consider the limitations and consequences. Here are some important points to keep in mind. Know the rules Generally, you can borrow from a 401(k) for any reason, such as paying educational expenses or buying a home for the first time — although employers are not required to offer a loan option within...

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