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How to Find and Develop Top-Performing Millennial Employees

By Paul Peterson Attracting innovative, young hires is very essential to Wiss. These workers maintain the vibrant, creative culture we strive to preserve, which is why we often search for young professionals in their 20’s that exhibit these dynamic characteristics. Through numerous interactions with many millennials, there are several tendencies that are found within business youths of today, such as open-mindedness and the ability to harvest valuable relationships. Here are four...

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Inside the Life of an Intern

We can’t believe it’s already time for our summer interns to go back to school. We really enjoyed having them around and wish them the best of luck in the upcoming school year! Here are some of the highlights of their experiences: What was it like interning in a mid-sized firm? “Working for a mid-sized firm allows for an intern to get the opportunity to work on various types of clients and audits.  I found it extremely interesting to experience how different the clients were and...

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How to Get Off on the Right Foot – Perfecting Your Elevator Pitch

By Wiss Associate What is it? An Elevator pitch is a quick (30 – 60 second), clear message about you. Why is it called an Elevator Pitch? It should be short enough to share with anyone, anywhere, at any time- even in a short elevator ride, which would be about 30 seconds (Oohhhh). It tells a recruiter a bit about who you are, what your experience is and what you’re looking for. Why do you need it? It will be very handy to use in a number of situations in order to make a powerful...

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Resume Pointers

By Wiss Associate We all want a chance to interview and show what we are made of. But first, we have to make a good impression. Here are some Resume tips to help you get that interview! Keep it direct: You don’t have to make your resume extremely detailed. Think of it as a tool for getting your foot in the door, you will have time to elaborate when you have your interview. Don’t worry about including your objective, the employer should be able to figure out what your objective is...

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Interviewing to Your Full Potential

By Wiss Associate Here’s a quick guide on how to succeed in your next interview! Interview Prep: A great interview starts with preparation. Research the company, find out what they do and find out what their culture is like to see if it’s a good fit. They will ask you what you know about their company during the interview. You can’t prepare for every single question that will be asked but there are a lot of similar questions that companies generally ask and you can prepare for...

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