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Competition, Chemistry, and Grit: 3 Lessons Soccer Can Teach You About Business

Whether you follow soccer closely or still think a throw-in is when everyone contributes gas money for the ride home, the sport contains many lessons that translate to business. Soccer players get tackled and make mistakes throughout every game. Business leaders make bad judgments, despite their best attempts. In both situations, your team is relying on you to get back up and keep pushing. Chemistry is the missing ingredient a soccer team — or a business — needs to turn a set of...

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Storytelling is Serious Business for Businesses Serious About Reaching Goals

Serious business people often think they have to stick to serious business facts to make their points. But introducing storytelling to presentations and meetings is an effective way to deliver a message to an audience rather than lecturing them. Think about your business goals and choose stories that support what you want to do right now. They have to be true, though. As with any other business skill, you can learn to tell stories. There are eight questions to ask yourself to help...

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