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Nonprofit Accounting – Don’t Get Tripped Up by Form 990 Requirements

By Linda Curro What’s in the price of a ticket? For nonprofit organizations that hold fundraising events and for the people who attend them, the answer is more complicated than it might appear. It’s important to get special event reporting correct because Form 990 has specific lines on the Revenue Statement to report fundraising events. The ticket price of every event carries two components within it – the donation amount and the entertainment benefit. Whether it’s a dinner, a cocktail...

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Valuing Your Company: What to Know Before Seeking Business Valuation

By Brittney Neal Updated 7/30/2019. Businesses change hands all the time, for a variety of reasons. Whether they’re sold, gifted, merged, passed on to next of kin, or divided among former partners, family members or divorcing spouses, ownership of even the most stable of businesses at some point will change. And when a business changes hands in whole or in part, the parties involved need to have an accurate picture of the value of the sum total of the company’s assets....

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