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Remote Employment 101: A Successful Compliance Structure

by Lisa Calick, Director of HR Advisory The number of remote workers has increased, and companies are going outside of normal state boundaries to find top talent. These quick changes have spotlighted the issues surrounding this employment relationship over the past two years. Throughout this series, we have highlighted some considerations that every business owner should pay attention to with remote employment. This final blog covers important compliance areas that should not be...

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Remote Employment 101: Multistate Payroll Simplified 

by Lisa Calick, Director of HR Advisory Navigating the minefield of payroll compliance for remote workers can make anyone pull their hair out.  There has been a big spotlight over the past year on the accuracy of paying remote employees, with states looking to ensure that resident workers are being taxed appropriately. It’s not as simple as hiring a new employee who happens to be working offsite. Hiring a remote worker in a new state might trigger new obligations, and non-compliance...

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Exchange of Information Systems in International Commerce

By Mary Vasilescu, CPA, MST Background In this new age of technology and ever-expanding global commerce, there is a growing need among industrialized countries for tax information sharing and cooperation among their respective tax authorities for the purposes of tax enforcement, as well as tax evasion detection and mitigation.  This can be evidenced by the recent advent of the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (known as “FATCA”) which has resulted in over one hundred inter-governmental...

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Governor Murphy Signs Statewide Paid Sick and Safe Leave Bill

By Lisa Calick, SPHR Governor Murphy has signed a Paid Sick Leave Law, which will now require New Jersey employers of all sizes to provide up to 40 hours of paid sick leave to employees each year.  Several municipalities already have existing ordinances requiring similar leave, however this new act will preempt those individual ordinances and provide a uniform benefit requirement statewide.  The new law will take effect 180 days from the date signed, and will cover employers of all...

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NJ Lawmakers Pass Equal Pay Act: What It Means For Your Business

By Lisa Calick, SPHR New Jersey lawmakers have overwhelmingly passed the Diane B. Allen Equal Pay Act, a comprehensive pay equity law that significantly strengthens employer requirements to provide equal pay for similar employment without regard to gender or other protected characteristics.  Governor Phil Murphy, a strong proponent of equal pay, has stated he will sign the legislation, which would take effect on July 1, 2018.  Once signed, New Jersey would have one of the broadest...

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Know When an HR Assessment Is Needed

By Lisa Calick, SPHR Are your business’s human resources starting to fall behind? Have you not reviewed HR policies and procedures in quite some time? Are you running a new startup? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may need an HR assessment to ensure compliance with state and federal regulations, as well as reduce the risk of potential liabilities. When Should an HR Assessment Be Performed? Fundamentally, an HR assessment is an investigation of a company’s current...

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Salary History Ban Takes Effect in NYC

By Lisa Calick, SPHR If you’re a company based in, or with offices in, New York City, you should be aware of a new law that took effect on October 31st.  As of that date, it became illegal for public and private employers in New York City to inquire about an applicant’s salary history during any stage of the hiring process. This includes inquiries on employment applications, during interviews and while conducting background checks. The law was introduced to even the wage gap between...

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