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Managing Cash Flow During Crisis

By Travis Miskowitz, Manager, Wiss CFO Advisory Cash flow is the lifeblood of your business. During this (or any) time of crisis, it is imperative to keep an eye on your cash flow and regularly monitor your cash position.  Instituting effective cash flow management may be the most important action you can take to navigate through challenging times. The Wiss team has put together this list of recommendations to help monitor your progress: Monitor your cash flow regularly With the...

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A message to CEOs: When a CFO joins or leaves your company, it’s an ideal time to conduct a Business Process Review

by Paul Ursich A CFO entry or exit event, especially when it comes to mid-sized companies, is often an opportune time to conduct a Business Process Review. When a mid-sized company decides to bring on a CFO, it’s an indication of an important company life cycle shift.  Making the investment into this critical CFO role is a major one. It’s the perfect time to conduct a Business Process Review to provide valuable insight into this new hire. An immediate and independent review can drastically...

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Four Strategic Decisions Holding Your Small or Mid-Market Company Back

By Joe Cicerone Updated 7/29/2019. Your business needs help. No, that doesn’t mean you’re doing anything wrong — or more wrong than anyone else trying to independently run a business.  But it would help to have an experienced CFO advisory group who could see your company’s challenges and opportunities from a fresh perspective. That’s because the management team of young and growing companies tend to see what they’ve always seen. They only know the one way of looking at their...

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KPI Checklist for Evaluating Your CFO or Controller

By Paul Ursich, CPA Updated 7/29/2019. How do you grade the accomplishments of your Chief Financial Officer or Controller? Not only at review time, but whenever you’re thinking of the value this key management team member brings to your company. What are the key performance indicators, or KPIs, that really matter to you? Does your CFO or Controller know the KPIs that define success in your eyes? How could they know if you don’t? Here’s what to do: For starters, review the job description...

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CFOs and Controllers Guide for Year-End Reporting and Tax Compliance

By Paul Ursich For CFOs and Controllers, the end of the year is typically a hectic and sleepless time. No matter how prepared you are, end-of-year planning inevitably brings surprises and last-minute complications. To create an accurate, timely and surprise-free planning experience, you need to stay organized throughout the year, by preparing detailed monthly and quarterly financial reporting packages that include reconciliations and detailed back-up schedules.  In addition, you...

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An Evolving Role

Look for a diversified skill set when choosing a CFO By Paul Ursich Today’s CFOs need a firm grounding in accounting, financial reporting and tax planning as a starting point. They also need an understanding of computer software systems, a good working relationship with your company’s IT department and the ability to develop company strategies. An effective CFO must also be a smart manager and a team builder who can engage your controller and accounting department. This combination...

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