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The Benefits of Automated Cashflow Reporting

By Travis Miskowitz, Director, CFO Advisory Protecting data integrity while leveraging data for strategic insights and decision‐making Imagine that you’re the head of a real estate company that has 90 bank accounts. You want to know the details of your cashflow, so you request that someone from the accounting team update you on the activity and cash balances twice a day. The employee spends his entire week doing this manually — checking each of the 90 accounts and transferring...

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Revamping Your Chart of Accounts

By Wiss Associate In last month’s post, we discussed what your company’s chart of accounts should entail and its prominence to the accounting and financial side of your organization. Now let’s see why and when you should reorganize the information that will make up your chart of accounts. Why to Take Action Your spotless and well-organized accounts will help your company prepare your books for the following activities: Working with your outside accounting advisors for quick and...

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The Benefits of a Clean Chart of Accounts

By Wiss Associate As a business owner or executive, year-end processes and reporting can be a nightmare – but it doesn’t have to be. You don’t need to scramble when your accountant asks for your tax deductible items or when your auditor requests various reports so they can perform testing. It should be a simple process to go into your accounting system and run reports with 100% confidence they are complete and accurate. But how do you know if they are truly complete and accurate?...

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