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Day: December 22, 2022

Part 5: Invest in Change Management

By Luis Vargas Once you lay out the specific aspects of the investment—which initiative to prioritize, how to measure success, who will lead the project and how much customization is needed—you can shift focus to your employees and your strategy for guiding them through the future change. Managing change throughout the lifecycle of your initiative will be critical to creating a culture of innovation and securing ROI. There are five phases of change management—as you strategize how...

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The Christmas Escape of 1854

By Amanda Bowra Christmas Eve, 1854. At just 32 years old, runaway slave Harriet Tubman braved capture, torture, and death to return to her home in Maryland to rescue three of her brothers, Ben, Henry, and Robert from slavery. The brothers had attempted to escape with Harriet in the past, but unable to bear leaving their wives and children, they turned back to face their punishment. Now five years later, Harriet got news that the brothers were to be sold to new owners immediately...

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2022 Year-End Tax Planning for Individuals

By Nicole DeRosa With rising interest rates, inflation and continuing market volatility, tax planning is as essential as ever for taxpayers looking to manage cash flow while paying the least amount of taxes. As we approach year-end, now is the time for individuals, business owners and family offices to review their 2022 and 2023 tax situations and identify opportunities for reducing, deferring or accelerating their tax obligations. The information contained within this article is...

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