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Month: October 2022

The Investor’s Perspective: How Pitch Decks Often Miss the Point

Over the years, we’ve seen thousands of pitch decks and had countless conversations with both investors and early-stage startup founders about investment opportunities.  As a result, we’ve gained a comprehensive understanding of both the solicitor and the solicitee’s perspective. Generally speaking, pitch decks tend to be too long and not comprehensive enough in addressing the financials; but this article focuses on one particular slide: the use-of-funds slide.  We explain the purpose...

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Series A vs. Series B: Upping the Ante With Preferred Stock

You crafted a clear and thoughtful pitch deck, and investors are ready to climb aboard. But even when a venture capital (VC) firm or angel investor believes in your vision, they’re still taking a significant risk with their cash.  They’re going to want some special treatment and protections for bankrolling your C corporation at such a pivotal point in your journey. They’ll ask for (or you’ll offer) preferences.  Commonly, investor preferences come in the form of preferred stock,...

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Sales Tax: A Cautionary Tale

Sales tax. An area of the U.S. tax code that is so complex, many accountants dedicate their entire careers to understanding the nuances of the laws and guiding business owners through its complexities. This article breaks down the basics, so that small business owners know what questions to ask to ensure they comply with sales tax collection responsibilities and avoid potentially dire financial mistakes. But first, some important tax terminology Business owners do not pay or owe...

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The Frustrating (but Ethical) Truth: You Can’t Invest Your Investment

It’s a definite high point for any early-stage startup founder: You’ve successfully wrapped up your initial round of fundraising and are sitting on a stack of cash. Investors believe in you and your product. You feel on top of the world. If you’re like many of the business owners we support, you’re probably wondering what you should do with the freshly raised capital. Certainly, if you were to come into money in your personal life, the wise thing would be to invest the money so that...

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