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Tips for Owners and Directors

We are living in a changing environment where the economy is on shaky grounds and the impact of government regulations such as healthcare reform and potential tax changes may have a direct or indirect impact on your organization. Owners and Directors should be sure to understand:

Potential tax impact, such as:

  • Tax impact on your business due to various tax reform proposals.
  • Impact on potential changes in the dividend tax rate which will impact either you or your shareholders.
  • Impact on potential repeals of business tax provision.

Healthcare reform:

  • The potential effect on your organization with respect to the additional cost for insuring your employees. (If you meet the requirements to insure your employees.)
  • The type of insurances you should provide to your employees, etc.

These are a few issues that owners and directors should be considering and discussing with their employees, managers, etc. The above impacts as well as economic impacts could have consequences to your company and it is better to be proactive rather than reactive to ensure you meet your future goals.


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