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New Data Collection Form

Auditors and Auditees have not yet been able to submit the federal data collection form for competed 2013 fiscal year federal single audits. The Federal Audit Clearinghouse had announced that the new system would be launched on October 7, 2013 with the final forms being available by late October. The new system and forms are expected to have extensive changes, including:

  • A new section of the Data Collection Form that requires additional information about the findings that auditors report, as well as other new information;
  • A new Federal Audit Clearinghouse process, user profiles, and password security upgrades;
  • New requirements for text searchable, unlocked and unencrypted reporting package submissions and the potential extension of these requirements to auditors’ reports.

It is not yet clear how the Federal Government shutdown will impact the release of the new system and final data collection forms.

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